A share of a blog by Jodie Helms on Medium, about Clarity

Life Lessons
September 21, 2023 I’m putting this here because I have a million pieces in my “saved” list on Medium and I’ll never be able to find it again. Also, nobody reads this blog anyway. If you do, this person posts on Medium and has a whole trove of helpful posts. She writes, ”Like so many of us, I sometimes feel like there is a lack of clarity in my life, especially regarding how I want to move forward and how I want to spend my time. This is a very confusing time for us, as we transition into a higher dimension with very different boundaries and possibilities. We’re changing, and so is the world, but we’re not sure how things will end up or how it will affect us personally as well as society in general.
The future is always unclear, but it seems more so right now. There is such polarity and upheaval, it’s hard to determine how things are going to play out. While the Angels tell us it depends greatly on the unity of the masses, that can still be very ambiguous, especially when we are trying to plan how to move forward in our lives. I set the intention for my meditation today as clarity, hoping I would begin to unravel what I want to do and how I want to spend my time going forward. Afterwards, I can’t say I had a new plan in place, but I did feel more calm and hopeful. I asked the Archangels for some guidance in seeking clarity, and their response follows.

Question: Will you please give us some guidance on how we can find clarity at this time of great change and confusion?


Clarity should always include flexibility, because like everything else in life, clarity changes, and it must be reevaluated often.
Clarity has many facets. When you are unsure of something, whether it is your life, your purpose, a relationship, or a decision of some kind, you should devote some uncluttered time to consider it from multiple angles with the understanding that, although a path may clearly appear to you, it is not necessarily the final path you will walk.
Needs change as do priorities throughout life, and when you make a decision after receiving some clarity, you would do well to tack onto the final thought, “for now,” as a reminder that nothing is final in this life, and change is constant. Do not lock yourself into something and consider it permanent, for few things are ever permanent.
A part of clarity should include confidence and hope, as you move forward in an attempt to understand, improve, or solve something in your life. You must have some clarity before you can consider next steps. This is why it is important to view things from multiple perspectives, including those which are uncomfortable. Gather information so you can make a well-rounded choice. Consider the possibility of negotiation and compromise, not with others, but with yourself.
For example, if you are feeling overwhelmed and exhausted because of your work load, and you seek a better work/life balance, as many people are currently doing, but you are planning to buy a new car next year, you may have to compromise after prioritizing which is more important to you, a new car or decreasing the stress in your life. There is no right or wrong answer, it is simply a consideration. Perhaps you will choose to work overtime for an additional six months, consider less expensive vehicles, or hold onto your current car for an additional year. Whatever you decide should be what is in your best, overall interests, not someone else’s, because it is you who will have to live with your decisions, not someone else.
There are many ways to gain clarity. Take an inventory of what you like about yourself, your life, your situation, etc., and what you do not like. Which side is heavier? Which side is more important? What are your goals and priorities? Does your current path fit in with them, or is achieving these things worth it in the end? What will you lose in order to gain?
We will add here that, if you believe some sort of material gain will add up to peace and happiness, you will be disappointed. There is nothing money can buy that will bring sustainable peace or happiness. These things are intrinsic needs, not externally solved.
There are levels of clarity, also. The clarity you seek may be very ambiguous in the beginning, such as “Something in my life has to change, or I’m headed for a breakdown.” You may not know what changes you will have to make eventually, but knowing that change is needed without knowing the nature of that change is still a step toward clarity. You can take more time to evaluate more clearly what changes you need to make as you go along.
Simply knowing and accepting that things must change is the beginning. You may never have a clear plan in place. You may just stumble upon a solution, but unless you realize change is needed, possibilities are often lost or overlooked. As our channel has learned, sometimes the journey is the plan, and you get clarity as you move forward. You do not have to have complete clarity as you continue. Often, knowledge and experience are stepping stones to clarity.
This is a time of transition on Earth, and you are all struggling with clarity regarding a multitude of things. Some of you are questioning your beliefs, your job, your relationships, your choices, your decisions. This is happening for many of you seemingly overnight. All of a sudden, you feel uncomfortable in your own life. You thought you had a valid, smart plan in place, and suddenly, you are not so sure, not only about the plan, but the goals behind it, and whether or not the projected outcome is still what you want. Many are questioning societal boundaries and ideals and wondering whether or not you are still comfortable with things you have always considered worthwhile.
As uncomfortable as these thoughts can be, they are good for you! Society does not own you, and it should not decide who you are or what you want and do. You should decide for yourself. It is easier to be courageous now. It is easier to question things and recreate your life based on what is most important to you. It is time to free yourself from the captivity in which you have been held from the past and create your new present and future.
We send you all Love and Light.

Final Thoughts

I’m going to try to devote some time every day this week (before, in between, or after all the stuff I need to do) and really think about what is important to me, what my priorities are, and how I want to move forward. I usually do this during the winter months, but I’m starting early this year. I’m not going to rush, and I may not even come up with a formal plan, but I’m going to think about everything that’s going on in my life, what things I want to continue to develop, and what things I no longer need. I may not get to any planning for months, but I’m headed in that direction.
What questions are you asking yourself? Are the things you’ve always considered priorities still on that list? Are you happy? Does something need to change? How have you changed? What no longer makes sense? I think we all owe it to ourselves to do some self-reflection and evaluation. Then, hopefully, we’ll get some clarity as we move forward.
Blessings, all.” Personally, I’ve found that I might as well never plan anything. The problem with having a yod in your chart is nothing you plan ever comes true, no matter how much you want it, no matter how much you believe in it, no matter how much you work for it, no matter how much Disney told you that all you had to do was wish on a star or how much American work culture told you that “all you had to do was WORK HARD ENOUGH!!” With a yod, life becomes a long, painful, sad series of dreams you set your heart on and never got, dashed hopes, grief, and depression. Oh, well. I’ve learned I can never, ever set my heart on anything and get it. So, I’m finished doing that.