I See You Got My Message.

December 7, 2023
Whew!! Thank God.
If you ever do come back here again, I need to let you know that, IF you ever did plan to use it, the contact form here isn’t working. I let Potion know about it and it’s supplied by some third party. Potion is going to build their own, so hopefully that will work, but I don’t know when that will be.
IF anyone uses the contact form, all I get is whatever name they put and possibly their email. I CANNOT read whatever message they type. I can’t even always get the email. SO, the contact form may not be the best bet, here. I still have your email. You know that I also have that old facebook, but I don’t check that often. If you still had my email, that’s probably your best bet. If you leave something here and I think it’s you, I will check the old facebook. But for obvious reasons, I am hesitant to email you if I’m not SURE it’s you. Hm. There’s also that Twitter you haven’t used since 2010. C’mon, you know what to search for. Oh, by the way … you need to have some damned faith, hon.
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