I Will Be Taking the Job.

Sad Goodbye
Well, it wasn’t a snap decision, and I have been somewhat depressed about leaving a place I’ve worked on and off at for 26 years … but, considering the problems there and how much I don’t want to be in charge there, there wasn’t much else to do but leave and take the aforementioned job. As much as I will hate leaving people I’ve worked with for years and years … I’d have to be in charge if I stayed, or it wasn’t worth what they were offering me, and this job matches my skill set and offers more time off and less responsibility for the same money as taking on all the mess there. I just felt depressed the more I thought about staying and being in charge there, and I feel lighter the more I think about this job. I think changing locations a lot will help me feel less depressed and keep me going, and I need that since age almost-56 is definitely on the down side of life. We might have some slight possibility of running into each other, but probably very slight. If that happens, I don’t have permission to speak to you, so I will not. It isn’t any hard feelings or anything; it’s just that you choosing your family is you choosing your family, and that’s it. I really hope that your marriage life got better. Who wants to end their life roommates with a sharp-tongued stranger? I would have treated you better, but obviously social and family acceptance and money are far more important than that in the overall scheme of life, as well as kids being able to tell themselves they came from an intact marriage and home with parents who were together all their lives. Overall, it’s a good thing. I’m on my own path, I guess, which I hope will finally include retiring all my debt before I enter the nursing home and die. I’ve given up on ever “being a writer.” It isn’t going to happen. Although, I will be writing Star Wars articles for pay on thedorksideoftheforce.com . Guess that is the closest to being paid to write I will ever get. If you ever want to go back to the place we met, it’s fair game. I haven’t been in something like four years. Since I realized I had no chance at ever publishing a novel, what was the point? Although, from the emails I get, it’s a shadow of it’s former self. | Kind of like we all are, I guess. I wish you the very, very best. Godspeed.