Is This True?

Sad Goodbye
July 30, 2023
The thought occurs (courtesy of tarot, of course, how else can I get any information these days?) that you want to talk but are afraid I'll rip you a new one, partially because we tried talking before and you sort of shot me down at that time. So now you're afraid I'll be angry about it and shoot you down.
I get why you might think that, I do, especially since I do tend to sound upset here from time to time.
I understand why you haven't spoken to me in so long and I won't rip you a new one, I promise. It would just be nice to talk to you.
The other thing you have to think about is, it's been almost six years since we even spoke at all. It's been over eight years since we even saw each other's faces. If you wait much longer, we'll all be in the nursing home or pushing up daisies, and it will be too late.
Ball's in your court. I go on the assumption that nothing is nothing, therefore nothing must be what you want. If that’s not true, you have to be the one to correct me, because how else am I supposed to know???