Is This You?

Sad Goodbye
July 16. 2023 For a long time I've wondered why this person hangs around. Without any actual information, one can only conjecture.
(Sort of like being in a long-term marriage where you don't share feelings and thoughts anymore and have to wonder why this person does this or that. Without any actual information, one can only conjecture.)
Now and again a card reading catches my eye. I will say, even if you don't and will never know the truth, having different scenarios thrown out about a situation can broaden your mind and outlook and lead you to insights you might otherwise not have had.

A disturbing reading which may or may not be true

This one put forth the idea that the person stays hanging about because of some sense of being obligated. The bloom is off the rose, he doesn't really want to be with me anymore, the spark is gone and been over a long time ago, but it's more like a habit he can't let go of because of a sense of not having other options, or concern about how I am doing.
That's no reason to keep hanging around here. I'm going to move on to other pastures and I will be just fine.
If you don't want to be here, don't be here. If you don't want me, there's no more we can ever do for one another. You're staying in your family and I hope that will be as happy and positive an experience for you as it can possibly be. If you don't love me or want me or even see any kind of future here you might want, there's no need to be here. I am supposed to find greener pastures and that is what will happen.
I hope you do, too. If you're here under obligation or habit, let's release ourselves, realize anything we could otherwise have had just burned out, we decided not to do it, and now it's gone. No sense hanging on to something that's eight years in the past. The only reason to hang around here would be if you still wanted to leave there and had any hope it might work.
After eight years, I guess there isn't much chance of that. You're going to be sixty-five. Who leaves at sixty-five? So, let's just let this go. It happened in the past, it's a thing long gone, we don't care for one another anymore, so why hang around here pretending we do? Nobody gets anything out of that, right? The place we met and that time in our lives is long, long over. We're elderly people now. Time to just accept the progress of change and the lives we have now. We decided not to do it, and time moved on. If you don't have feelings anymore and you don't hope for, think about, or even want a future here, then so should we.
Sorry to have wasted your time for so long. Go be with your family. Or leave her and date someone else if that's what you want.
It's not my business. Bye.