Now that I’ve lost all faith, I’m just sorry I bothered him.

Life Lessons
Sad Goodbye
July 24, 2023
It's pretty clear I will never hear from nor see this person ever again. This person doesn't want shit to do with me, and really, he never did.
When you hear a person complaining about their marriage, for the love of God people PLEASE:


People who go around complaining about their marriages, are just complaining because they won't/can't actually leave. They don't want to do anything. They're just blowing off steam.
Do Not take it to mean that if you offered them an alternative, they would actually take you up on it. They. Will. Not. No matter how unhappy they are, they plan to stay, or they'd be divorcing and not just complaining.
They're willing to take whatever comfort you may offer ... but they don't want to leave. Not really.
I don't know why this person hung around on my old site for so long. Maybe out of guilt, maybe because he was worried about me, maybe because he was checking on me. I have no idea. But it was never because he really wanted to leave his marriage, or because there was ever any hope we would ever be together.
But I misread why he was here. So, I spent several years here screaming at him, and drawing him back in here over and over. Because of certain coincidences that have happened over the years, I believe we are telepathically connected. I can think of him and ask him to come read something, and he shows up.
I'm going to stop doing that. Dragging someone back in here who's invested in his marriage and family is wrong. Psychoanalyzing that person is also wrong. He's made his decision, and it's not me. I only hoped it could be different, so I misinterpreted whatever reason brought him back here.
This has been over for eight years. It will be over forever. This person may feel sorry for me, but he doesn't need me in his life and he isn't coming back. He needs his wife, kids, grandchildren, and his family. Because they’re still pounding into him the fact that he needs better self-esteem.
So, it's time for me to butt out. When a person's made their decision, I am wrong to keep butting in and arguing.
So, I'm not going to do that ever again. What I'm left with is what I'm left with, and I'm going to accept that now and move on.
I doubt very seriously I will ever see this person here on this new site. This new site marks the end of this epoch in my life. It's been hard, but it's time to admit reality and just move on.
I'm sorry I bothered you and interfered in your life. It didn't matter anyway and it just created problems for everyone. I won't do it again.
Take care.