Once and Again … Six and Counting.

July 13. 2023
Every time this guy comes by here, I think it will probably be the last time. That bugged me, because if he didn't come back and then decided to after the 31st of August, this might all be someplace else.
I was thinking about that while I was swimming laps today (in the pool I always dreamed he'd join me at someday ... as if ...) and mentally asked him to come read the last blog entry. Then I thought of course this wouldn't happen, and that I was abusing the privilege anyway.
I got out of the pool, and there on GA was his phone ... right about the time I asked him, too. We've definitely got me and Bob beat. (Of course, as I said ... if you're together, there's no need for psychic communication!!)When this guy passes away, I fully expect to see his ghost.
I hope this will be under the same domain name. Still figuring that out.