Thank God this place is FINALLY UP!!!

Special Event
September 7, 2023
This has taken the better part of a week and I was beginning to think there was some hopeless glitch and the new website was just never going to connect with the old domain. But, FINALLY, here it is. And, at long last, the menu across the top is actually working as well. Faint, faint. Now that this is finally up and that cartoonish old site is a thing of the past, I’m going to be walking around and sprucing up around here. I think the menu at the top could use some work. And I really hate the spacing between paragraphs this site does. I need to see if I can fix things to make them more readable. Also, this site is also showing up on Google Analytics!! Yey! I don’t know if you-know-who will follow me here, but I’d be happy if he did.