This Amazing Thing Happened to Me
This Amazing Thing Happened to Me

This Amazing Thing Happened to Me

I have to say, I’m definitely learning more about how to interpret transits.
This page is going to meander quite a bit, because there are a lot of disparate threads over the course of seven years to tie together.
I’m pretty sure many people have gotten into astrology trying to figure out a relationship. Well, that’s how I got into it. A friend found the website years ago and I sort of followed my free reports on there, but I really didn’t believe in astrology. My late husband was the sort who listened to George Nouri. We’d both read our daily horoscopes, laugh, and forget them.
Then: Along came Married Guy. I started buying computer-generated couples’ horoscopes and found myself laughing at some aspect I read that discussed me being into more occult disciplines like astrology, him not believing in this sort of thing, and us having to appreciate what strengths each other has. And I would shake my head and think, “What?? I’m no astrologer! I don’t even believe in astrology!!”
Um … well, now you’re reading this website. I found it extremely funny when I started the (massive) project of comparing all our transits for the next twenty years ... and a transit came up on my current chart commenting that I was spending a lot of time studying astrology and needed to be sure I got enough sleep!
There are more coincidences like those two coming up. Big ones. But first, a bit of background ...
If you’ve looked at the blog at all, you will see I gave up on the relationship that originally inspired this website. Yes, we do have ONE more choice point to get back together, which starts about this time next year and goes for two years. After that, the clock stops. It’s over. We’re done. If it doesn’t happen in approximately the next two years, it’s never going to.
I was definitely giving up on this, because the guy pisses about and pisses about reading my blogs and never communicates, even when I’ve asked him and I’ve given him lots of time, information courtesy of Google Analytics.
Who’s going to suddenly BOLT and go back to someone he hasn’t seen in almost seven years and hasn’t spoken to in almost five??? NOBODY.
So, I’ve been writing about that. The chap tends to disappear for long periods of time and each time, I suspect that’s it, I’ll never see him again. I penned a post I called, “Let’s Just Kiss and Say Goodbye.”
Well, somebody read that one. And then went back to the one where I was thanking him for being here reading. And went back and forth. You could see the person’s thought process, trying to figure out my thought process.
And then the same person went back, and pulled up blogs of yore I’d devoutly wished he’d read back when I posted them several years ago, because they contain nuggets of absolutely essential information about codependency in relationships this person is going to need no matter WHO he’s with, if he ever, ever, ever, ever wants his life to go better.
And then … and THEN …
He went all the way to the beginning of the blog and started reading the astrology posts there.
Astrology posts!! My atheist who thinks astrology is bunk???
(And now he knows about that time I caught him reading my feed on Facebook and screamed! Ha, ha, ha!)
THIS is why we need responsible writing on astrology, and not just fluffy clickbait.
Because So. Many. People. Turn to it when desperate. Even when they think it is crap.
And I was delighted, because there was so much in there about codependency, about codependency in relationships, and about codependency in OUR relationship I had wished like hell he would read and digest FOUR FUCKING YEARS AGO.
And here he was ... reading them! (All night long, in one case.)
I looked at that Google Analytics log, and went, All right. There's GOT to be something in the charts about this! And went on a hunt.
Turns out ... there was.
I just didn't think to look for it ahead of time, because there was nothing to alert me that anything might be important about April 18, 19, and 20th, 2022.
Transits over his chart discussing this event over these three days:
Sun semisextile Vertex, perfectly exact at 0 degrees, 00 minutes. A fated event.
Jupiter and Neptune are also sitting on his Vertex within 5 degrees. And, oh, did I mention his Vertex sits ON his descending? So, it’s a fated spiritual event having to do with his closest relationships. Um, blessed by Jupiter, considered the major benefic planet in astrology.
Sun opp Sun: A difficult time in the life because your ego is getting in the way of achieving what you want and other people are not making things easy for you.
Pluto square Sun: When transiting Pluto forms a square aspect with your natal sun, you will become initiated into a cathartic process dredging up subconscious fears and desires. This time period will bring challenges in the form of powerful authority figures and relational partners who can be manipulative and disempowering to you. You will need to be aware of the power dynamics of your relationships as you can become pulled into a battle of wills in which you or the other person attempts to claim power over the other. You may also have to face challenges from societal forces that appear to be acting against you. At its best, this transit will force you to discover the inner strength within you to resiliently persist in pursuit of your core purpose in life. You may feel consumed by compulsive desires or feel like you are lost in darkness at times. It is through fully committing to actualizing your purpose that you will rediscover your inner light and sense of personal empowerment.
Nodes square the Moon: What you need to do in your life doesn’t mesh well with what normally makes you feel emotionally secure.
Uranus opp Mercury: A lot of fast surprising insight. Could come from an occult source!
Mercury square Uranus: an opportunity for dramatic insights perhaps accompanied by unusual events.
He’s also having his Uranus square. I’ll let you look that one up.
But, my fave is that Jupiter and Neptune sitting together on his vertex/descendant. A fated opening to higher learning about matters concerning his closest relationships.
However, that’s not all. This all dovetails with our Davison ... the birth chart of our relationship.
More to come. The plot thickens.
I despair of ever being able to learn to read a Davison as well as Mona Riegger, whose computerized interpretations you can purchase on The reason is her book is only available in German and Italian. So, all this information is lifted from our computerized Davison.
Our Davison tells us that:
“You are bound together by a striving for knowledge and wisdom, for order and clarity, by the search for meaning and insight. Together, it will be possible for the two of you to advance into the realm of the mind and to move freely within it. The various perspectives you will be operating on can create conflicts between such contrasts as knowledge and belief, rationality and intuition, doubt and hope, truth and deception, or chaos and order. Without a deep understanding for the motivations which compel individuals with completely different attitudes to shape their destinies, you will lack sympathy and a love of your neighbor - two qualities which must be especially protected in this partnership.”
I adopt the role of the initiator who attempts to grasp and describe things in life.
“Her desire to learn, her vast wealth of knowledge and the ability to transmit it are essential aspects of your common efforts.
On the way towards recognizing and understanding the things of life, he is assigned the task of establishing contexts of meaning and interpretation so that knowledge can be transformed into wisdom or wealth. His attention is focused less on insignificant matters and details - he is much more interested in challenging undertakings, in leaving borders behind and always seeking the optimum in all situations. When she rallies the information to him about what exists in the world and how it exists in its special form, he then takes up the task of determining why this is the case, what the sense behind it all is and what use - perhaps a material use - can be made of it.”
I had always wondered when that was ever going to happen. Because I had discovered so much about codependency and low self-esteem, and he sure wasn’t ever going to crack a book. He sure wasn’t ever going to come back and speak to me again, either.
But it’s been in the Davison all along, and now … it’s happened.
Doesn’t mean we will ever end up together. That’s all dependent on the third party in the triangle, his wife. Even if he did ever speak to me again, if she proves capable of change, it doesn’t matter what else is going on, I have to get out. Fortunately, I’m fine with that now.
The main thing we were here to do in this relationship is reveal truths about each other to the other person that they never would have found out any other way. What happens then, as I’ve been informed via tarot and discussed on the blog, is up to us.
So I’ve done the main thing I was meant to do here. He’s come by and picked up the information, and I’ve discovered everything about myself I was meant to, so the purpose the relationship HAD to achieve is complete. We don’t ever HAVE to communicate again for any other reason.
And we probably won't, because since picking up these messages, he hasn't been back. The purpose for which we had this relationship is over. Mission accomplished.
If we ever do communicate again, I’ll let you know. Because we have transits for either outcome comin’ right up.
This page has an auxiliary page with other tidbits from our Davison that didn’t fit in this article, in case anyone is interested. Home