When Astrology Predicts You’re Going to Hear From Your Married Ex Twice

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Uh, yeah, I could barely believe this myself. The one time was wild enough, but, now it’s happened twice.
Okay, let me backtrack …

Incident One

I’d been dumped. Badly, badly dumped. I know you all know what this feels like.
But when they left you to go back to a marriage that sucked, and they told you about some behavior from the spouse that strongly implied it was going to continue to suck …
… You can’t imagine why they wouldn’t come back. Surely this person is going to see the light before too long, right?
Even my therapist thought so.

Enter astrology. Was he going to come back? When??

(Yeah … I was desperate. I didn’t even believe in astrology. I thought it was crap.)
It took me a while to figure out what all those little signs and symbols meant, or how on earth Pluto could trine itself. Or what “transits” were.
But then I noticed, once I had that figured out, that a new relationship transit he had when we first got together … we both had, at almost the same time, in the fall of 2017.
The dates didn’t quite coincide, so I picked the date the latest one ended, and bet that would be the time I’d see him again.
In the meantime, I hired Australian astrologer Alice Portman to read our charts, and she said the same thing. Only she was looking at something different she found.
She called it a “destiny trigger.”
Well, that sounded mystical enough.
Time dragged on and finally, October rolled around. And went on … and on.
With only about ten days left in October, I was in despair. He was never going to show up! Astrology was bunk.
And then … it was his birthday. I doubted he ever looked at my Facebook page anymore … but just in case he did, I posted a simple heart on the day.
I was out of town when I did it. I had an hour and a half drive home. When I got home, I got online a few hours later, and … there was a message from him.
He had messaged me barely ten minutes after I posted him that heart.
I was taking an astrology class at the time, and I was so excited I had to tell everybody in class what happened. Good grief, Alice said this, and she was right!
My teacher and my more experienced classmates pulled our charts up, and they all found even more indicators that this would happen.
Pretty wild … I guess this meeting really was written in the stars.
What happened after that is enough to fill another article, but suffice it to say, we didn’t get back together. Even though marriage counseling bit the dust … hard … (as I knew it would). He was still miserable.
It was the best breakup you could ever ask for. We ended up apologizing for everything we’d ever done to hurt each other, discovered we were still in love, said “I love you …” and then said goodbye.
That was three years ago.
I kept studying astrology. As time went on, I learned a great deal, and the fact was … there were just too many indicators that this marriage was a non-starter and we still had a good chance at ending up together.
But, how? When?
I took my best shot: The last time anything had happened between us, Uranus was going back and forth over the tip of a formation called a “yod” in both our charts.
Between August and Christmas of last year … Mars was going back and forth over the same point.
A week into August, his Medium account, which is never active, came to life to do one thing: Clap on something I wrote.
I was ecstatic: It’s going to happen! Here it comes! Christmastime! Can I read astrology, or what?
Christmas came and went. Crickets. Boy, was that disappointing.
I pretty much wrote him off forever.
At the time, every astrologer on the planet had been writing about the Great “Bethlehem Star” Conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn on December 21st.
Because everyone believes it symbolizes Great Opportunity, I decided to check our relationship chart to see if the GC did anything in particular there.

Incident Two

In February, about the 15th, our relationship chart gets hits on Saturn — the planet of duty, restriction, and hard lessons — from the Sun, which basically symbolizes us and our relationship.
Not only that, but sitting over Saturn at the same time were Mercury (communication), Venus (duh!), and Jupiter — the planet of happiness and great good luck.
This Big Pileup of all these planets also crossed our “nodal axis” at the same time, which is a line symbolizing the intention of the soul. AND both Saturn and Jupiter sextile and trine the “nodal axis.” These are lucky aspects that mean, “opportunity.”
Okay, whatever.
Interesting, but I had no idea what this meant. The person was long gone. I hadn’t seen hide nor hair of him since August, so I assumed this meant precisely nothing.
Then I got several tarot card readings in which I was told, “This person is stalking you online.” “This person is stalking you online.”
But I didn’t believe that. I had no proof!
Until I learned how to use Google Analytics, that is.
Turns out that since mid-November, I have a user — on a cell phone from different locations, so I can’t pin down where he lives — who has been logging onto my website every few days.
This person goes directly to my blog page, sometimes twice a day, and if I’ve written anything new, he reads it.
I have no other users who do this.
The married guy is an early riser who lives on his phone, and I see some very early morning log-ins on there.
He’s checking on me to see how I’m doing! The last time we spoke, he did tell me he often did this. Six years later, and this guy is still checking on me to see how I am.
I left him a couple of messages for the next time he logs in.
So, it turns out astrology really was correct, again. I only saw this in December and didn’t know what to make of it because I didn’t know how to find out he was still stalking me. But it was true the entire time.
I don’t know what will happen from here, but I’m reminded of a phrase from an old relationship report I ordered online years ago, before I learned how to read astrology myself:
“The gift of this relationship is the experience that invisible threads can hold people together. All the same, any efforts to force this relationship into a socially acceptable corset will end in disappointment.”
And I can see that this is true. Which is why I don’t try to force us back together, or force him to leave his wife.
A strange experience, indeed.